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Enterprise Resource Planning

Welcome to Tri-C's ERP! What is an ERP? Enterprise Resource Planning is a software application that allows an organization to use a system of integrated functions to manage business processes and services. Our goal is to align people and processes with the best available technology solution.


Expecting more from Banner? Need to expand your use of Banner? Think there are missing pieces in your use of Banner? BannerizeIt is the ongoing review of Banner utilization.

Banner Modifications

Need to customize or modify a function in Banner? The ERP Management team can assist with analyzing and implementing a customization.

Banner 9

Banner 9 (Extensible Ecosystem) is the Ellucian approach to Banner upgrades. Rather than an entire system upgrade, applications are delivered separately and integrate with current functions.

Banner Security

Need access to Banner? Unsure what access is required for your position?

Banner Training

New to your position and want to learn more about the Banner functions available to you? ERP staff can provide specialized Banner training.

Banner Workflow

Looking for a way to automate a Banner function? Thinking about an automatic e-mail notification? Banner workflow may be the option.


The Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC) module merges faculty information in Banner Student and Human Resources systems to deliver a robust, comprehensive and automated business process for instructional assignments. As a replacement for the paper-based 'Proffer System', FLAC streamlines activities around course assignments and pay delivery College-wide.

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