ITS Service Catalog

Enterprise Application Services

Welcome to Enterprise Application Services at Tri-C! We offer a number of services to make it easier for our students, as well as our faculty and staff, to interact technologically with the College.

Banner Services

Need access to Banner? Need to send a data extract to a third party vendor? Need to directly integrate Banner with a third party application? Well look no further - the EAS team, in conjunction with the ERP team, can assist with all of these requests, as well as many more.

BDMS - Xtender Services

Looking to scan and index documents that need to be electronically attached to Banner records? Well, Banner Document Management Services (BDMS), also know as Xtender, can help to address this need!

Custom Software Development

Need to automate a manual process? Want to improve the ease with which students interact with your department? Well, the EAS team can help! We provide custom web form and application development for addressing student, faculty and staff needs.

Knowledge Management (KWeb)

Interested in creating a site for your department? Looking to spruce up your existing KWeb site? Need additional training beyond the standard offerings? The EAS team, in partnership with the Integrated Communications department, can help you to leverage the capabilities of KWeb.


My Tri-C SMART, also known as Argos, is the College's enterprise report writing tool. SMART stands for Systemwide Metrics for Action, Reporting and Tracking, which is exactly what we need in order to make data-driven decisions. The EAS team, in partnership with Evidence and Inquiry, can assist you with all of your reporting needs!

Student Appointment Reservation System (SARS)

Need a system to help you manage student appointments and walk-ins? Want to offer students the ability to schedule appointments with your department online? Want to setup a student self-service check-in kiosk? Well, the EAS team can help you to implement these student-focused resources.

UC4 Automated Job Processing

Need to send emails on a routine basis to a specific population of individuals? Need to send data extracts to third party vendors, on a regularly scheduled basis? Well, the EAS team, in partnership with Data Center Operations, can assist you with these activities.