ITS Service Catalog

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Information Technology Services (ITS) department is to support the core College mission of student success. ITS will anticipate and respond effectively with innovative, robust, reliable, and secure technological, decision-support services and applications so as to educate and inspire students, empower faculty, staff and administrators, and advance the state of education technology locally, regionally and nationally.

Our Vision

To be a nationally recognized leader in providing secure and innovate higher-education information technology infrastructure that supports an exemplary teaching and learning community fostering student success and information services. We are creating learning support, knowledge management, business services, and business analytics such that if our customers could choose any educational IT provider, they would choose us.

Our Values

In order to successfully fulfill our departmental mission and vision, ITS consciously committed to the following principles:

  • Balancing the need for safe, secure and reliable business services with the need for robust and innovative physical and digital instructional spaces

  • Providing safe, reliable, and convenient educational and business services (e.g. 24 hour access over a variety of device interfaces)

  • Providing a capital / maintenance plan that maintains and protects current technology assets, as well as increasing assets where needed (given appropriate budgetary support)

  • Leveraging technology that empowers users to interact with processes and other users with minimal need for technical intervention

  • Providing a suite of technology services in one digital environment that requires as few separate logins and passwords as possible

  • Providing a suite of technology services with clear and convenient instructional tools that enable users to learn, use and maximize the College's technology services

  • Creating a one-stop communication vehicle for users to scan, review and understand technology issues that are important to the learning and business processes of the institution