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Remote Access

Remote access may be beneficial for you if:

  • You are using a College laptop, and need to connect while on wireless or off campus.
  • You would benefit from accessing more College services and applications from personal devices, on and off campus.
  • You need to access special applications, files or other services not already provided externally, while off campus.
  • You need to access applications in Microsoft Windows while using an Apple computer.

Requesting remote access

Complete the Remote Access Request form in my Tri-C space > My Work Tools tab, or click here to navigate directly to the form.

  • College laptops - You need to complete the form to use the VPN technology included with College laptops.

  • Personal devices - We provide Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), as a method to connect to a virtual College workstation remotely from anywhere from most devices.   You will receive instructions for using VDI after remote access is approved for your device,

What is VDI?

The VDI machine is virtual in our data centers.  With VDI, you can access the following anywhere with internet access--using personal computers, tablets, even many smart phones:

  • All your network drives
  • Full Outlook 2016
  • Banner
  • Test systems only accessible inside the Tri-C network
  • Many licensed applications


For other remote access needs,  open a ticket with Customer Care Tech Support.

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