ITS Service Catalog

Network and Phone Services

Network Services provides data connectivity, data storage, voice, server and related services. Our goal is to connect users to data in a stable and secure manner, while protecting data and offering new and innovative approaches to core computing infrastructure. We are always happy to hear ideas for new technology at the Tri-C!

Employee Login Frequently Answered Questions

Employee Network Logins are provided for faculty, staff, and some temporary employees. Employee logins grant access to College computers, my Tri-C space, email, storage, wireless networks, and many other resources.

Phones and Voicemail

Network Services provides phones and voicemail for faculty and staff. In addition, we provide advanced call tree, call waiting, forwarding, and other custom services through our Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure.

Public Folder Permissions Request

Network Services provides Public Folder through our email system for unique needs to share and receive information. A Public Folder can be used to host a department email address, or a shared calendar.

Remote Access

Network Services provides multiples methods of remote access for employees. If you need to access College documents, or other internal services from outside the College, one of our remote access methods can help you do your job from anywhere, any time. If you are looking for information on VDI or VPN, click here!

Request a Network Account for a Temp or Consultant

If you have hired a temporary employee, consultant, or contractor for the College, and they will need to use College computers, you will need to request a network account for them through our EGS system.

Student Email with Office 365

Cuyahoga Community College provides active students email, document storage, and Microsoft Office through Microsoft Office 365. Get the information you need like e-bills, announcements, financial aid updates, assignments, and other important information at your student email. It is the main source of official college communications. In addition to email, your Office 365 features include a 1TB OneDrive for documents, and the ability to install Microsoft Office ProPlus on personal computers.

Student Worker Access Request

It is sometimes necessary for student workers to use College computers in employee areas. This EGS form is needed to request access for a student worker to be able to log in to specific computers.

Wireless Access

Wireless access is generally available in student gathering areas and most other highly populated areas on campus.

Webex for Faculty and Staff

Webex is an online meeting solution that can be used to communicate via audio, video, chat, and document sharing. ITS provides Webex to all faculty and staff to create their own meetings, that anyone can join.

Employee Email with Office 365 FAQ

Office 365 is a Microsoft cloud platform that provides services such as Outlook, Office applications, and OneDrive.  In addition to 50GB for email, your Office 365 features include a 1TB OneDrive for documents, and the ability to install Microsoft Office ProPlus on personal computers.