ITS Service Catalog

Request a New Site

KnowledgeWeb, which is also known as KWeb, is the College's intranet portal. It is a great place to encourage information sharing, collaboration and to manage our internal departmental knowledge. If your department does not have a site, then please submit a New Site Request form in order to get started. A member of the EAS team or the Integrated Communications team will reach out to you, directly, in order to define the requirements, create the site shell and help you get started with uploading content.

Add Design Features to an Existing Site

Want to add some pizzazz to your site? Want to create a site that not only jumps off the page, but is also warm and inviting? Well, the EAS and Integrated Communication teams can help you turn your KWeb vision into reality. Some recent examples of this work are:

We are eager to partner with you to make your KWeb site come alive! Please email with your request to get started.

Sign-Up for Classroom-Based Training

KWeb 2015 training classes are now available via TEC Learn! A basic KWeb user class, as well as a site owner class, are offered monthly. Just search for "KWeb" in TEC to register for the classroom-based training. TEC can be accessed via a link in the "Getting It Done" channel on the "My Work Tools" tab in my Tri-C space.

The KWeb training calendar is also available on the KWeb Help Site.

Request In-Person Departmental Training

Have a large group of people who want KWeb training? Need to bring your department up to speed on how KWeb can help improve internal communication and cross-departmental collaboration? Well, the EAS team, in partnership with the Integrated Communications department, can help to address all of your KWeb training needs. Please email with your request in order to get started.