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Student Printing at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®)

Tri-C encourages responsible print management so that students can make the most of their available free print quota.


What is responsible printing at Tri-C?

Responsible printing helps you make the most of your allotted free print quota each semester while reducing waste at the College. Students are allotted only 250 pages per semester, so be sure to ask yourself before you print, “Do I really need to print this?” Review the tips below to help you print more responsibly.


Tips for responsible printing

  • Reduce the margins and font size on your papers/projects.
  • Use Print Preview, and only print the pages you need.
  • Print multiple PowerPoint slides on one page. Under Print Settings, change the print layout to "Handouts" and designate the number of slides (up to 9) you want to appear on each page.
  • Check the printer status before trying to print more than once.
  • Think before you print!



Are there print quotas or limits?

Yes. Each semester, all registered students, faculty, staff and registered community members receive a new print quota for use in print release areas, such as open labs, Learning Commons, and libraries.

Each account receives 250 pages ($12.50 equivalent), single-sided, black-and-white only, to print at no charge. A fee will be assessed for additional pages printed after an individual’s quota is met.


Is there a cost for additional printing? 

Once the 250 page quota is met for the semester, there is a $0.05 charge per page.


If I print two-sided, will I only be charged for one print?

No — each side of a page counts as one print. A two-sided print counts as two pages from the quota and costs $0.10 if paying out of pocket.


Can I print in color?

The release printers only print in black and white.


How do I pay for printing?

The printer software will automatically deduct from your Tri-C Cash account on your Stomp Card if funds are available and needed to pay for the print job you release at a printer. You can add money to your Stomp Card on-campus at any AMC location, online via the Online Card office or at a campus Enrollment Center. 

  • Campus AMC Locations (Cash or credit)
    • Metropolitan Campus
      • Second floor, outside Learning Commons
      • Ground-level concourse, down hall from Enrollment Center
      • First floor, Manufacturing Technology Center lobby
    • Western Campus
      • First floor, Student Services Galleria lobby, by Enrollment Center
      • First floor, Student Services building, Learning Commons
    • Eastern Campus
      • First floor, Student Services, in hallway past Enrollment Center
      • Third floor, Student Services, in Learning Commons
    • Westshore Campus
      • First floor, Student Services lobby
    • Corporate College® West
      • First floor, lobby
    • Brunswick University Center
      • First floor, down hall from Enrollment Center
  • Online Card Office (Credit only)
    • Online Card Office
    • Mobile Application: Stomp Card
      • Available on Apple and Android devices
  • Campus Enrollment Centers (Cash only)
    • Metropolitan Campus – Student Services, ground level
    • Western Campus – Student Services Galleria, first floor
    • Eastern Campus – Student Services, first floor
    • Westshore Campus – Student Services, first floor

Note: Learning Commons and library desks are unable to accept payment for printing. All payments must be made through your Tri-C Cash account on your Stomp Card. There are no emergency exceptions to the printing costs. If a printing quota is exhausted, payment must be made via Stomp Card in order to complete a printing job.


What if I forgot, lost or do not have a My Tri-C Card?

If you forgot your card, you can still log in to the printers with your network username and password, and funds may be deducted from your Tri-C Cash if needed to print the job.  If your card is lost, the campus Enrollment Center can print a new Stomp Card to replace the lost identification.* 

*A $10-$15 replacement fee applies for student, faculty and staff Stomp Cards.


How do I know how many prints I have left from my original allotment?

While connected to the College network, you can check your print quota at:

Please note that the printing software will show you a dollar balance.  For example, 250 pages will show as $12.50.


How do I use the print release printers?

Directions for logging in to and using the printers in print release areas are available at each campus Learning Commons. 


Can a job that was sent to the print queue be canceled or stopped?

Jobs that have been sent to the print queue can be canceled as long as the user has not released them at a printer. Once a user logs in to a printer, they can print or cancel a job.

Once a job is released at a printer and is paid for via the user’s quota or Stomp Card funds, the job cannot be canceled.


What should I do if my print job does not print correctly?

If a job does not print correctly due to unsatisfactory quality, a credit back to the user’s print quota can be obtained at the Learning Commons information desk. The affected printout(s) must be brought to the desk to be eligible for credit. The following issues are eligible for credit for unsatisfactory printing:*

  • Toner smears or streaks
  • Low toner
  • Jammed paper
  • Printer-caused defects (At the discretion of the Learning Commons)

*Editing and formatting mistakes are not reimbursable. Learning Commons staff do not have the ability to refund My Tri-C Card payments; refunds can only be credited back to the print quota account.


Do my unused print balances roll over to the next semester?

No. All user accounts are reset each semester, and the print quota starts back at 250 pages. The reset does not affect an individual’s Stomp Card balance.


Can I only use money deposited for prints at the print release printers?

Any funds available on an individual’s Stomp Card can be used anywhere that the Stomp Card is accepted on campus. The card is accepted at the following locations:

  • Campus bookstores
  • Dining Services locations
  • Vending machines
  • Recreation Centers
  • Eastern Campus Massage Therapy Clinic
  • Campus Reprographic/Copy Centers
  • Libraries
  • Alere Restaurant at Jerry Sue Thornton Center
  • Pura Vida by Brandt on Public Square


Where can I find more information regarding Stomp Card?

Additional information is available at Campus Enrollment Centers can also assist with questions. Call 216-987-6000 and select Option #3 to connect with your Enrollment Center.

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