ITS Service Catalog

Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is designed for use in the event that the College’s administrative computing facility is disrupted due to unplanned, major interruptions, failures or catastrophes.  It also provides for a quick and orderly resumption of computing operations within a well-organized, smoothly-executed framework.

This plan is to be facilitated at the Cuyahoga Community College Western campus, inasmuch as there are already a number of servers, storage units, network and communications equipment operating.  The HP DL980 ERP server, at the Western campus, is currently used as Tri-C’s TEST system, as well as having the capability of being used as the College's back-up machine, in the event of a disaster.  In addition, multiple HP BL460 blades at the DR site are preconfigured as physical and virtual servers for use as TEST and disaster recovery environments.

In the event of an actual disaster, rendering the ITS computer operations facility unusable, Computer Operations will coordinate their efforts with the Network Support group to point the DNS to the facility at Western Campus, while preparing the system to load the most recent backup tapes.