ITS Service Catalog

What is Webex?

Webex is an online meeting solution that can be used to communicate via audio, video, chat, and document sharing.  ITS provides Webex to all faculty and staff to create their own online meetings, to which anyone can be invited.  We look forward to finding new and innovative ways online meetings can work in and out of the classroom.

Who is Eligible?

All faculty and staff can activate Webex to schedule online meetings.  Anyone can join a meeting if invited or if they receive the details for the meeting, with or without an account.

How do I get started?

Click on this link to activate your account, or the button to the right, labeled "Activate Your Webex Account!".  When prompted to login to the Tri-C Login Center, enter your S number and network password, just like you are logging into my Tri-C space.  The Tri-C Login Center knows your intended site, and will send you there after you log in.  The first time you use this link, it will create an account for you, and take you to the login page for the College Webex portal, at  You will be able to use Webex immediately!

When you choose to "Log In" at, you will be redirected to the Tri-C Login Center page for authentication.

How do I get help with Webex?

Webex provides excellent support directly to meeting schedulers and participants.  Try searcing the Webex Help Center for your topic first.  If you still needed assistance, please contact support:

Contact Technical Support

(Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Current Customers Only)

U.S. and Canada Toll-Free 1-866-229-3239 International Toll +1 916-636-9000

For support with Webex within Blackboard Learn, please visit the Online Learning Webex page.

To request additional features in Webex, such as Webinars, Events, and Auto-captioning, or other advanced questions, please email

Is training available for Webex?

For basic documentation and information, please visit the links below.  Please note that the Webex interface is updated by Webex frequently, so static documentation may differ from your current experience.

For customized training options, please email .

Recommended Hardware for Webex

With Webex at Tri-C, most meetings will require the use of computer audio over the internet, or Voice-over-IP, also know as VoIP.  VoIP works with:

  • Any computer with a microphone, and audio output through speakers or headphones
    • Webcams usually have a microphone
    • USB headsets with a microphone are recommended for the best experience with a computer
  • Any mobile device for which you can install the Webex mobile app
    • Mobile devices use their internal microphones, but can also be used with headphones and headphones with microphones
  • For purchasing devices for College computers specifically for use with Webex, please email and someone from ITS will contact you to discuss

If you already have a USB headset, webcam, or other audio/video device that works with your computer, it is likely compatible with Webex.  For more information on using audio with Webex, please visit our page for Joining Meetings.