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Cuyahoga Community College provides credit students email, document storage, and Microsoft Office through Microsoft Office 365.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a Microsoft cloud platform that provides services such as Outlook, Office applications, and OneDrive.  Get the information you need like e-bills, announcements, financial aid updates, assignments, and other important information at your student email. It is the main source of official college communications. In addition to email, your Office 365 features include a 1TB OneDrive for documents, and the ability to install Microsoft Office ProPlus on personal computers.

What is my email address?

Your primary email address is e.g.

What is my login and password for Office 365?

Your login is (which is also your new email address). Your password for Office 365 is the same as your current student logon; these are synchronized automatically.

Will my old Tri-C email address work?

For students with accounts before January 1, 2014 the previous email address will be kept as an alias to the new address. All email sent to the old address will be delivered to your existing account, until you leave the College and your account is deleted. We keep accounts for at least two semesters after your last enrolled semester.

How do I access email?

In my Tri-C space, clicking the email icon in the top right corner of the Student Page will bring up a link for Tri-C’s Office 365 login. You may also access this directly, from anywhere:

After login, you will also find instructions under Options for mobile device access.

Can I get there directly?

For your convenience, we also provide a shorter link for direct access: This is simply a redirect to:

How can I access my email from a mobile device?

Student email can be accessed from most mobile devices with your native email client. The basics are:

  • Exchange mailbox type
  • Login name:
  • Your student login password
  • Server:

This allows you to add Tri-C email directly to most smart phones and tablets.

How do I access OneDrive?

When you log in to your student email, look for the “OneDrive” link in the toolbar at the top of the page. You may store personal documents in OneDrive, and also share them if desired.  Use the built-in help menu, accessed through the “?”, for assistance with storing and sharing documents.

How do I drag-n-drop to OneDrive, or use it on a mobile device?

OneDrive for Business can be installed on most computers and mobile devices.  For more information on the OneDrive application, please visit What is OneDrive for Business?

How do I get Office ProPlus for my personal computer?

Please read the the Office ProPlus PDF.

How can I find my instructor's email address?

Use the online phone book.  In my Tri-C space, go to Home tab > Bookmarks Plus > Tri-C Phonebook.

How can I forward or redirect my email?

Follow these instructions.

I can't find an email someone sent to my account.

Check your junk mail folder to see if it may have been diverted there.

How do I organize my Inbox?

Microsoft provides a feature Clutter to help sort your email automatically.  Check it out here!

You can also use the newer Focused inbox.  In the top right of the email list, click on Filter, click Show Focused Inbox to select or deselect it.  To change specific emails, right-click on the email and select Always move to Focused inbox.

If you are currently using the Clutter feature, please click here for Microsoft article about their plans for Clutter.

How do I report junk email?

The two main types of "junk" email are Phishing and Spam. Learn more about these types and what to do with them.

Mailbox size and policies

  • Mailbox size is 50GB.
  • NO email retention policy.
  • Student logins, along with their mailbox will be deleted if a student hasn’t attended for three consecutive semesters.
  • Emails are scanned for malware and spam using the Microsoft Exchange Online Protection service.

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