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Have you already been upgraded to Office 365?

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What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a Microsoft cloud platform that provides services such as Outlook, Office applications, and OneDrive.  In addition to 50GB for email, your Office 365 features include a 1TB OneDrive for documents, and the ability to install Microsoft Office ProPlus on personal computers.  Cuyahoga Community College is in the process of moving all employee email, including faculty and staff, to Microsoft Office 365.

Why is my mailbox moving to Office 365?

Microsoft provides Office 365 to the College at no cost, and 365 provides far more resources and functionality than we can provide internally.  All Tri-C students are on 365.

With 365, employees get:

  • Upgraded from 2GB to 50 GB mailboxes
  • Acces to free Office for personal use while you have an active employee account with the College
  • Access to 1TB cloud storage location for documents with OneDrive for Business
  • Many more online tools

When is my mailbox moving?

ITS is moving all employees in batches between July and December.  You will receive an email at least one week before your migration date, with further instructions on how to prepare for the move.

What is changing? What is staying the same?

When your employee mailbox is migrated to 365, you will receive access to much more space for email and documents, as well as many new resources.  Some highlights:

  • You will have 50GB for email
  • You will have a new 1TB cloud storage location for documents with OneDrive for Business
  • You will be able to download Office 2016 for free for personal computers
    • For Office 365, log in to and click the "Install Office 2016" link
    • Office will continue to work as long as you have an active employee account with the College
  • Outlook 2016 on College computers will simply work with your new mailbox in the background
  • Your email address stays the same, and is your username for Outlook 2016 and Outlook Web
  • Outlook web access is new.  Please watch our brief video to see the new interface!
  • Restoring email, calendars, and contacts is now self-service only.  Employees can restore any object in Outlook for up to 30 days after it was deleted.  Please visit the Microsoft page on Outlook Web Restores for a detailed procedure.

How can I prepare for the move?

ITS will email you detailed instructions at least a week before your mailbox is migrated, with instructions on how to prepare and anything you may need to do the day after the migration.  The most important topics for migration will be:

  • Please search in TEC for the video and workbook "365: What to Expect After Your Account has been Converted"
  • Your username for Outlook 2016, Outlook Web, and all 365 services is your email address, and your password is your network password
  • Understanding any delegate relationships you have in Outlook - please click here or on the action button to the right for help with delegates.
  • Testing any email rules the day after your migration
  • If you use a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet with your employee email, please remove the old account from your devices, and add a new account to work with 365.