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Employee Email with Office 365 FAQ


Q: The Outlook 2016 application on a College computer is not showing new emails, or is showing that it is Working Offline?

A: There is most likely a login prompt hidden behind another window.  Log off of the computer, then log back in and launch Outlook, and wait to authenticate with your email address (not your S number) and network password when prompted.


Q: Why do I not see my Public Folder in on the Web?

A: Please email that you need to have your public folder converted to a shared mailbox if access through the web is required.  ITS has been working with departments to convert folders when needed based on previous access logged through the web.  Please note that all public folders are still accessible through Outlook 2016 on College computers, as well as through VDI.


Q: Why is my username my email address?

A: Office 365 is a global platform, so your username needs to be globally unique


Q: What is the fastest way to log in to College email on the web?

A: Go to in a browser and log in with your email address and network password.


Q: Why can I not create a Group in Outlook?

A: User creation of Groups is currently disabled, as Groups are visible to everyone by default.  To create a Contact Group or Contact List, for managing a personal list to email, please start with the People section, which is next to the Calendar icon in the bottom left.


Q: My emails in Office 365 web are sorted into Focused and Other; can I turn this off?

A: In the top right of the email list, click on Filter, click Show Focused Inbox to deselect it.  To change specific emails, right-click on the email and select Always move to Focused inbox.


Q: My emails in Office 365 web are grouped together; can I turn this off?

A: In the top right of the email list, click on Filter, Show As, Messages


Q: My mobile device no longer gets College email; how do I fix it?

A: Please refer to the PDF on this Service Catalog


Q: I already log in to 365 on the web with another organization; how can I use the College 365 account at the same time?

A: One way is to use different web browsers simultaneously, but you can also start a private browser window in the same browser to start a separate login to 365.  For Microsoft Edge, this is Ctrl+Shift+P, and for Chrome, Ctrl+Shift+N.



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