ITS Service Catalog

Phones and Voicemail

Network Services provides phones and voicemail for faculty and staff.  Because phone and computer moves, add, and changes occur frequently and often require phone and network wiring customizations, please reach out to ITS using the Technology Move, Add, Change form (TMAC) to initiate a change or request for phones or voicemail.  Network Services also provides advanced call tree, call waiting, forwarding, and other custom services through our Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure.  To request custom services, please call the Helpdesk at 216-987-4357 or email to open a request.

Cisco 7945/7965 phone guide

For detailed instructions for using the Cisco 7945 and 7965, please see the Cisco published guide.  This guide includes call forwarding, basic conferencing, call history, and more.

How can I change the extension or name on my office phone?

Complete a Technology Move, Add, Change form (TMAC) form. Go to my Tri-C space > My Work Tools, or click here to navigate directly to the form.

How can I find an employee's phone number?

  • Use the Online Phone Directory to search by first name, last name, faculty name or department
  • Access our Speech Connect service - (216) 987-3330, select option #6; you can select by name or department. Within the college dial ext. 3330.
  • Use the Address book in Outlook

How do I dial a five or six digit extension?

  • From inside the College, simply dial the five or six digit extension
  • From outside the College, dial (216) 987-4333, then the extension

How do I reset my voicemail password/PIN?

Please visit the voicemail password reset link.

  • For department voicemail resets, please call the Helpdesk at 216-987-4357

How do I check my voicemail when I’m away from my desk?

  1. Dial extension 4333 (or dial (216) 987-4333 from an outside line)
  2. Press *
  3. Enter your ID (telephone extension)
  4. Press #
  5. Enter your PIN (password)
  6. Press #
  7. Follow the prompts.

How do I change my voicemail PIN?

You will get a voice message prompt every 90 days to change your password.  To change it any other time:

  1. Logon to voicemail
  2. Press 4 (then) 3 (then) 1
  3. Enter new PIN
  4. Press #
  5. Enter new PIN again to confirm
  6. Press #.

Password constraints:

  • Minimum of 5 digits
  • No duplicate or sequential numbers
  • Cannot reuse previous PINs.  (The system keeps track of the previous 5 PINS.  If you try to use a previous PIN the system will respond with "invalid PIN.")

How do I pause a voicemail if I’m interrupted while listening to it?

Press 8 to pause or to resume after a pause.

What options are available when I’m listening to a voicemail message:


1  to Repeat the message 2  to Save the message 3  to Delete the message 5  to change the Volume 7  to Backup (7 seconds) in the current message 8  to Pause or to resume after a pause 9  to Fast-Forward (7 seconds) in the current message

What options are available after I'm finished listening to a voicemail message?


4   to Reply to the message 5   to Forward the message 6   to Mark as a New message 7   to Reverse 8   to send an E-mail or Fax 9   to hear summary

How can I bypass a person’s voicemail greeting?

Press #.