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Employee Network Logins

Employee Network Logins are provided for faculty, staff, and some temporary employees.  Employee logins grant access to College computers, My Tri-C Space, email, storage, wireless networks, and many other resources.

Password rules:

  • Cannot reuse any of the last 20 passwords
  • Password may be changed after 10 days
  • Password must be changed within 90 days
  • Password must be 8 or more characters
  • Password may not contain special characters
  • Password must contain both numbers and letters.

Review the tips for Personal Password Management from Tri-C's Office of Safe and Secure Computing. 

Microsoft also has a free tool to check the strength of your password. Check it now.

Account Lockout Policy:

Five invalid login attempts within 15 minutes will lock your my Tri-C space account for a duration of 60 minutes.  Call the Help Desk at 216-987-4357 to have your account enabled. 

Change your password:

You can change your my Tri-C space  password by clicking the Change Your Password link on the login page.  It must be at least 10 days since you last changed your password. 

My password suddenly stopped working. What happened?

Your password has probably expired. Passwords must be changed every 90 days for security purposes. See the Password rules above.

Why am I prompted for a personal email address when I login to my Tri-C space ?

If you need to reset your password to my Tri-C space, the personal email address provides a secure address to send the password reset information to. It also identifies you as an authentic user.

When will the Help Desk ask me for personal information?

When resetting your password, to verify your identity, you will be asked:

  • Your date of birth
  • The last four digits of your social security number
  • An additional two security questions. They may ask for your address, phone number, emergency contact information, or the bank where your paychecks are deposited if you are an employee. (Do not be alarmed by the banking question. The Help Desk does not have access to your account information. The only information available to them is the name of the banking institution.)

I received a Server Failed message when I tried to login.

The server that was managing your session may have been brought down for maintenance.

The message is misleading.  This is simply a cookie error on the browser side.  To fix this, open up a new browser window and login.  If it continues to occur, delete cookies and cache, and restart your browser.

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  • Faculty, staff, and some temporary employees