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Banner Training

ERP staff can assist with Banner training. Training may consist of a webinar coordinated with Ellucian or customized sessions for new staff.  Training also includes sessions for new functionality in Banner.

Quick Tips!

How do I get access to the Banner system?

Complete the Banner System Access Request form, available in the ITS Forms section in my Tri-C space (WorkTools page > College Forms > Information Technology Services). Or, click here to navigate directly to the ITS Forms web page. Completed forms must first be sent to the module owners noted at the top of the form for approval. Once the module owners have granted approval, they will submit the request to the ITS Banner Security Group at for processing.  The completed form should come from your immediate supervisor via email.

How can I make the Banner text larger?

The text size in Banner is set by the vendor and cannot be modified. However, adjusting the screen resolution or the text size on your monitor may help.  [Caution: If you make the text and other Items larger, only the text and some icons are enlarged; if you change the resolution, everything on the screen changes.] 

To change the resolution:

  • Right click on the desktop and select 'Screen Resolution' from the menu box
  • Click the arrow for the drop down list
  • Select a setting smaller than your current one
  • Click the Apply button to get a preview of how it will look
  • Click the OK button when you find the correct resolution for your applications. 

To change the text size:

  • Click the “Make text and other items larger or smaller”
  • Select a percentage increase
  • Click the Apply button. You will need to restart your computer for this change to take effect.

How can I get training on Banner?

Sign up for Banner training via the Talent Engagement Center (TEC)! Go to Employee page > Talent Engagement Center (TEC) > Learning > Browse for Training.  Several Banner sessions are available.  We hope to develop more content in the months ahead.  Stay tuned!


Can I access Banner from my home or other off-campus locations?

Yes, but this requires appropriate security access (VPN). This can be requested by submitting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Request. Work Tools page>  College Forms > Information Technology Services > Virtual Private Network (VPN) Request.  Or, click here to navigate direction to the ITS Forms web page.  

How do I change my Banner password?

Once you are logged in to the Banner application select the "change password" link on the right side of the screen.  Enter your old password and new password.

I forgot my Banner password. What do I do?

  • Production system: Contact the Help Desk @ 216-987-HELP (4357)


  • Test system: Contact the Help Desk @ 216-987-HELP (4357)

My Banner password expired. What do I do?

  • Create a new network password with no special characters (Banner does not allow them).
  • Login to Banner from the Work Tools page > Banner .

I locked my Banner account. What do I do?

Wait 20 minutes. Login to Banner from the Work Tools page > Banner  >  If unsuccessful, contact the Help Desk @ 216-987-HELP (4357).

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