ITS Service Catalog

How to Print

Directions for printing are listed on the print release stations. If you need additional help, please see a Learning Commons staff member.

How to Pay for Printing?

Payment can be made from funds on your My Tri-C Card or through a Guest Tri-C card.

Free Print Quota

Making the most out of your free print quota:

  • Print only those pages and information you need.
  • Copy web information into a Word document so you can select and print only the material you need.
  • Save electronic documents to a thumb drive or email and read them on the screen rather than printing them.
  • Review your documents, before printing to check for accuracy and formatting, then print only one (1) copy.
  • Log out of the computer, so others cannot use your print quota.

What to do if the quality of your print job is unsatisfactory?

If the print quality is unsatisfactory, you may be able to obtain a credit for the affected pages. The following printer caused defects may be eligible for credit:

  • Toner smears or streaks
  • Low toner
  • Jammed paper
  • Other printer-caused defects

Editing and formatting mistakes are not reimbursable. To obtain a credit, take the affected printouts to the Learning Commons services desk.

What to do if I forgot my My Tri-C Card?

No problem! A Guest Tri-C card can be obtained from one of the AMC machines located on each campus, for a minimum amount of $5.00 or you can visit the campus Business Office and get a Guest Card loaded with any amount of money, that you desire, with a cash payment.

AMC Locations:

  • East’s AMC machine is located next to the ATM machine outside of the Enrollment Center
  • West’s AMC machine is located in the main Galleria near student services
  • Metro’s AMC machine is located next to the ATM machine near the Book Center

Can I cancel my job?

From the print release station the job may be cancelled before swiping your My Tri-C Card. If you do not access the print release station, your job will be automatically cancelled after 16 hours.

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