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Faculty Load and Compensation


FLAC represents a transition from an entirely paper-based faculty instructional contract process to one that is online, electronic and paperless .  It was accomplished using the Banner ERP system from Ellucian, and required no additional purchases for third-party software or other add-ons.

FLAC also supports Tri-C's sustainability efforts by drastically reducing paper and printer cartridge consumption.  At Tri-C, sustainability means achieving the College’s educational and community missions with a sense of responsibility for preserving the environment, promoting the economy, and improving society as a whole.


The Banner Human Resources system maintains pertinent information for each faculty member as an employee of the College.  This includes bio-demographic information as well as details related to job assignments such as position number, job description, labor distribution and annual compensation information. 

The Banner Student system contains data related to instructional and non-instructional assignments of all faculty members.  This includes information such as Course Reference Numbers (CRNs), course descriptions, number of credits per course, schedule types, and the work load of each faculty member.

The FLAC module merges faculty information in the Banner Student and Human Resources systems to deliver a robust and comprehensive business process, giving the College the power to automate activities which used to be extremely labor-intensive.  It saves hours of manual data entry effort.  It reduces the number of errors that occur, and expedites pay delivery for faculty members.

For detailed information about FLAC, please consult the documentation listed under 'Help and FAQs' located at the right of the page.




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