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Currently Upgrading to Windows 10: Administrative Computers

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What: We are continuing the next phase of the Windows 10 upgrade project which includes all college owned and managed Administrative computers currently running a Windows 7 operating system.  The new image includes Windows 10 and Office 2016. 

Scope: All college-owned Desktop and Laptop computers that currently operate with a Windows 7 or older administrative image will be re-imaged with the new Windows 10 Enterprise and MS Office 2016 Administrative image. 

When: Administrative imaging has already begun with Early Adopter installs now complete.  We will continue administrative imaging through Fall and Spring until all units are complete. 

*You will receive an email communication a few days prior to the imaging tasks providing detailed instructions and additional information.

How: Most Desktop computers will be imaged overnight with technicians available onsite the following business day to assist with post image software installs, troubleshooting and general assistance if needed.  Laptops will require a scheduled technician visit to your office/desk OR a drop off at one of our support locations on campus or JSTC.  Overnight imaging for each target area should be complete by the start of the next business morning.

How to Prepare: We recommend you follow these general steps prior to the upgrade…

  1. Move any college business related Data (files) currently located on your C: (Local) drive to the appropriate network drive, keeping in mind the college’s records retention procedures. ITS is not responsible for data stored on your local (C:) hard drives.
  2. Save all shortcuts, favorites and files that are located on your Desktop or in My Documents  to your H: drive. 
  3. Make a list of Software that was installed after the last image so that the technician can help make sure it is reinstalled post image. (Make sure you have the software media & licensing if you are the keeper or know the Website address if it can be down loaded). 


What is the Academic Image? College computers in student use areas have the Academic Image. The Academic Image allows students to log in with their netowrk account, and contains a large, standardized installation of academic software. Academic computers labs, open labs, libraries, lounges, and other student areas will contain computers with the Academic Image.

What is the Administrative Image?  College computers in faculty and staff offices have the Administrative Image, which only allows faculty and staff to log in.


WebEx training modules are available now in TEC for Windows 10 and Office 2016

Register in TEC:

   •     Log into my Tri-C space

   •     Select ‘Employee’ tab

   •     Click Talent Engagement Center (TEC) icon

   •     Move the cursor over ‘Learning’

   •     Click ‘Browse for Training’

   •     Locate and click ‘Windows 10’ (both WebEx and videos are now available)

   •     Enroll in one session


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