ITS Service Catalog

CIO Corner

Jerry Hourigan, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, leads the Information and Technology Services (ITS) department. Check back often for technology updates and insights!

Introduction To Catalog

I am pleased to introduce the new IT Service Catalog to you, our College colleagues. This new catalog was produced by the IT leadership team with the goal of giving you a one stop shop experience for all your technology needs from hardware and software to security, network services and project management.

Who We Are

ITS serves as the trusted advisor and steward for the embedded base of information technology infrastructure at the College. Departments include Data Center Operations, Desktop Services, Network Services, Enterprise Application Services, Enterprise Resource Planning, Project Management Office, and the Office of Safe and Secure Computing.

FY 16 - 18 ITS Strategic Plan

The ITS Strategic Plan provides for new and innovative IT solutions to empower faculty and staff, and to assist students in their journey toward completion and success by “meeting them where they are” — ensuring that they are able to access information and educational tools 24 hours a day, from any device.

CIO Update - April/May 2016

Sending Technology To The Cloud . . . Managing conventional technology resources may soon be a thing of the past as IT departments consider migrating to cloud computing. “Cloud Computing” simply means moving data and software programs from local servers to the Internet. This allows faculty, administrators, and students to access and share college applications and information across multiple sources. Many institutions are moving toward more flexible and cost-effective methods of procuring infrastructure, applications, and platforms while minimizing financial obstacles for growth and innovation. Institutions have also found the IT flexibility and efficiency of cloud-managed applications particularly attractive since cloud providers offer the opportunity to replace traditional campus-based servers, data centers, and applications with remote worldwide data centers to give students, faculty, staff, and administrators an “on demand”, anytime, anywhere experience.